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CashNow ATM Inc. was started by Greg Whiteaker out of his garage in Laramie Wyoming by cold calling customers’ one customer at a time.  The company was incorporated in 1998 and we are proud of being the longest operating ATM Company in our area as we look forward to continuing serving the industry and our valued customers well into the future.  We have a legal physical presence in the States of Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and South Dakota and are in good standing with the Secretary of State in each of these States.  We are family owned so our customer's long term satisfaction is our number one goal.  We get to know our customers putting a name to a face so our valued customers are not just a “number in a computer” as with many of our larger competitors.  We provide localized service to the areas we encompass, working only where our personnel can reach the ATM in a one day drive, which spans an area of approximately 350 miles within radius of Cheyenne, Wyoming.


Our many years of experience in the ATM industry is of tremendous value to those that we do business with.  We have extensive knowledge of the working technology and mechanics of ATM equipment as well as a vast understanding of the ATM business and the ATM market in general.  We are proud that we are proven to be people of honesty and integrity that treat our customers’ right and fair, just as we wish to be treated ourselves.


We are proud to serve so many well know companies and we would be happy to provide references to any potential customer that is considering doing business with us. 

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