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Systech Wireless Modem/Router

ATM Cellular Wireless Modem/Router

Systech is a proven leader in wireless TCIP/ATM connection hardware. We utilize Systech equipment since it is proven to be extremely reliable.  We also appreciate the very robust technical support service that backs up this equipment.  Their newest equipment utilizes the power of the 4G LTE network which will soon be our connection method of choice well into the future.

Benefits and Description



We utilize a static IP address and primarily connect via Verizon wireless where we can control the router allowing us to offer all of the services of being able to remotely connect from our office to the ATM utilizing our MoniView remote management software.  Connecting this way gives us the ability to interact and connect just as we can with dial-up connected ATMs but with the speed and power of the internet.  Using this internet connection method eliminates the complications needed in accessing and configuring an existing network router as is the case with other existing internet connection methods.


Our ability to remotely connect allows us to offer:


1.  Trouble shooting services by way of journal and error summary retrieval


2.  Journal processing in the event of "Regulation E" chargeback claims


3.  The ability to upload promotion graphics to the screen of the ATM


4.  The ability to remotely change ATM configuration settings if needed


No need to run wires which makes the installation of ATM equipment less expensive, faster, and easier as compared with wired connections.  All that is needed to connect equipment is a 120V power source and a good cellular signal


Less expensive than a dial-up connection with the speed and power offered only via a good internet connection


This service is also available for all of our legacy dial-up connected equipment where the dial-up connection is converted to TCIP through a Systech modem/router


In cases where a patch cable from the merchant's router can feasibly be ran, such a cable offers valued connection redundancy that minimizes the chance of service interruptions due to network faults, as such, we recommend running a patch cable to the ATM in addition to the wireless router when at all possible, but this cable can be ran at a time later than that of the ATM install if so desired. 


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