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ATM equipment and equipment support

Capital Intensive Support Services


We have made a sizable investment in equipment and parts for our inventory which allow us to offer local service directly from our business to yours which is unmatched in our service area.  We bring you the benefits of our extensive knowledge and ATM investments in the following manners:


  •  ATM equipment inventory


  •  All ATM replacement parts in stock and on-hand


  •  Office, shop, and warehouse real-estate needed to store the equipment, parts, and support computers, as well as provide the shop space needed to configure and work on the equipment


  • Support computer and network resources that allows us to remotely connect to your ATM using our MoniView remote access software from our office so we can give you the support that you deserve such as in effectively diagnosing equipment faults and in processing "Regulation E" chargeback claims


  • Transportation equipment and tools so we can provide equipment and services directly from our warehouse to your place of business


  • Knowledgeable support staff to support all of your ATM equipment on a technical level, as well as, all necessary office support needs, such as; vault cash accounting, settlement account changes, and cash auditing needs   


  • Knowledgeable personnel that treat you as we desire to be treated ourselves.  CashNow ATM Inc. is a Nautilus Hyosung Authorized Service Provider (ASP) with staff that has been factory trained and certified.  This training combined with years of working experience results in extensive knowledge and understanding of workings of Nautilus Hyosung ATM equipment.  In addition to this equipment expertise we also have extensive understanding of the ATM industry in general.  This equipment and industry expertise along with our large investment in our other support services is all for the sole purpose of keeping your equipment in service as much as possible with as little of you or your staff's time as possible.  Our attention to details makes sure that your ATM is in service as close to 24-7 as possible and we make sure you are in compliance with all banking, network, and government regulations at all times .    


Because of this infrastructure that we have developed we minimize your downtime and service related challenges while simultaneously maximizing your profits.  We do not work through contract service companies except under very rare circumstance.  We only do business with customers that we are able and willing to service ourselves directly so that our customers won't have to deal with the challenges associated with receiving support through separate contract companies 




Equipment Services


We perform all of the services needed to bring a live terminal into functioning order and keep it in service, including:


  • Taking care of all the compliance issues necessary in bringing a live new terminal identification number into existence with the acquiring (sponsor) bank and the transaction processor, as well as, taking care of State compliance issues such as the State of Wyoming's registration requirements, the State of South Dakota's banking fee sales tax requirements, and all State's equipment and service sales tax requirements


  • Programming the equipment and setting up the proper configurations with the processor in order to operate on the said processor as needed and to settle into the proper vault cash account


  • Transport and securely installing the equipment, with on-site custom ATM promotion signage, and with high quality surge and power conditioner in order to protect the valuable equipment from surges and power spikes


  • For our customers that operate equipment we perform all of the necessary training for the effective operation of the ATM equipment


  • Performing routine "on site" maintenance services in order to maintain as close to a "like new" look as possible, and in order to perform preventative maintenance in keeping the ATM within factory specifications.  We make sure that all of the equipment we are responsible for performs as it is engineered too.  We are proactive in doing what we can to service or replace parts that tend to diminish with wear and tear as to minimize the chance of equipment faults from occurring in the first place


  • Performing all necessary ATM operating system, ATM application software, and firmware upgrades, and any configuration changes that are necessary to both the ATM hardware, as well as the Systech modem/router connection hardware in order to keep the equipment in current operating and security specifications


  • Install all necessary hardware replacements or upgrades in order to keep reliable and compliant ATM service intact for the future


  • Diagnosing equipment faults and when there is one, configuring the part, if necessary, and then making sure the replacement part is transported and installed on the ATM in a very timely manner


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