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Nautilus Hyosung NH2700CE ATM Machine

We specialize in the sales and support of the Nautilus Hyosung NH2700CE.


The NH2700CE offers the best value in terms of aesthetics and functionality in today's market.  It is an extremely nice looking machine that can fit nicely into the décor of a five star hotel and will also work well in locations where aesthetics do not matter as much.  It packs all of the modern features along with the historically proven reliability of Nautilus Hyosung equipment.  The touch screen function keys make cleaning fast and easy and won't show wear over many years of heavy use, keeping the investment looking like new for many years to come.


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Nautilus Hyosung NH2600SE - Halo II - ATM Machine

We also sale and support of the Nautilus Hyosung NH2600SE.

The NH2600SE, also known as the "Halo II", utilizes basically the same electro-mechanical parts and equipment of the NH2700CE with performance specifications the same as the NH2700CE, making it perform its transaction functions as effectively as the NH2700CE.  It is slightly less appealing athletically as compared to the NH2700CE, and has a slightly lower price point, which helps make it a very good choice for lower volume locations where aesthetics are not as important.  It has a sloped top making it not possible to set a drink on top of it, which is beneficial in bars and taverns since it avoids drink spills on the equipment.  The sloped top helps to make this investment the perfect choice for the cash dispensing needs of bars and taverns and locations where a slightly smaller initial investment matters.

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